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Capillary transplant: a solution to hair loss and baldness in men and women

Hair loss in men and women is a problem that has a solution. There are safe, efficient, and long-lasting hair grafting techniques for the best hair restoration.

For 35 years, the Bédard Clinic has been a true leader, not only for the quality of the services provided, but also for the medical studies on capillary transplant done by Dr. Bédard.

Many television programs and newspaper articles talked about the quality of the care provided by the Bédard Hair Transplant Clinic.

A safe and tested procedure, follicular micrografting is a real solution to hair loss in men and women. Hair restoration results are widely known and proven.

Follicular Micrografting: a safe technique for long-lasting results

Follicular micrografting involves hair being taken from the crown (the lower contour of the head), where hair growth continues even in the case of severe hair loss. Results are durable as the grafted hair is not affected by hair loss.