Hair grafting, baldness, hair loss, capillary transplant : Bédard Hair Grafting Clinic specializes in follicular micrografting


Dr Michel Chagnon, Medical Director of Bédard Hair Grafting Clinic, explains some of the causes of hair loss and presents the technique of follicular micrografting.


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Hair grafting solutions for hair loss, baldness and alopecia

The Bédard Hair Grafting Clinic specializes in hair transplant and in the treatment of hair loss in its various stages. It is recognized worldwide in the field of follicular micrografting.

Follicular micrografting is designed to increase hair volume in areas affected by hair loss. This is achieved by transplanting hair from a donor zone, generally located in the back of the head, to bald or thinning areas.

Dr Pierre Bédard: internationally renowned specialist in hair-grafting techniques

Our approach is based on research conducted by the founder of the Bédard Hair Grafting Clinic, Dr Pierre Bédard himself, who is one of the pioneers of hair transplant and restoration.

In the 1970s, Dr Bédard brought about innovations in his field and achieved key advances, recognized in North American, Europe, and elsewhere throughout the world. Today, his research on alopecia, the causes of hair loss, and transplant techniques are often cited as a reference by specialists.

Dr Bédard pioneered various methods that helped to shift the state of the art from macrografting (which resulted in the “doll’s hair” look) to micrografting, in which hair grafts containing fewer than 4 hairs are removed from a donor zone and transplanted in areas affected by hair loss.

The causes of hair loss

Genetic factors are among the leading causes of alopecia, which more frequently affects men than women. Hair loss in women is more often associated with hormonal imbalance. Allergies, medication or treatment side effects, excessive doses of vitamin A, and stress can also cause hair loss.

Follicular micrografting: the solution for alopecia

With over 30 years of experience in the treatment of alopecia, we offer effective and long-term solutions for hair loss to men and women whose condition adversely affects their quality of life.

The Bédard Hair Grafting Clinic, which is located in Montreal, Quebec, enjoys worldwide renown. Our customers come from Quebec, the rest of Canada, the United States, and Europe.

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Hair loss amongst both men and women

Men’s hair loss, as well as women’s hair loss, is often caused by an hereditary condition. More and more women are concerned with baldness. Our hair-transplant and hair-grafting techniques show excellent results on both women and men.